Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons Inspire Confidence in Your Game

Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons Inspire Confidence in Your Game

ike have acquainted the most up to date release with the enormously effective VR Range, the Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons! This most recent iron set has been intended for the golf player that desires to play with the best clubs, while accomplishing more separation and pardoning than Nike’s cutting edge irons. The VR Pro Cavity Irons rouse certainty and incredibly improve any higher handicapper’s down.

Following on from the Nike VR Full Cavity presses, the new Pro Cavitys keep on being snazzy looking clubs. They have the unmistakeable VR and Nike Swoosh logo’s, join the red and dark shading plan with a cleaned treated steel finish.

Aswell as the beautifiers, Nike have enhanced their past Cavity Irons by packing in yet further developed innovation. Nike’s Opti-Mass Weighting System is a blend of high-thickness tungsten and pitch polymer. This System is embedded in the depression of the golf clubs, permitting Nike to correctly alter for flawless weight circulation and along these lines more consistency in your yardages. Nike have planned the VR Pro Cavitys as a dynamic set, with the 9-Sand Wedge being one piece, the 6 to8 irons two piece and the 4 and 5 three piece club heads. The long irons have an AM355 compound face(same as the VR Pro Blades), the Optimass System and a 17-4 steel body. This extraordinary combination gives these golf clubs a “hot face”, which guarantees the ball detonates off the face for additional separation. The mid irons have the Optimass Technology and a 17-4 steel body while the short irons are an absolutely 17-4 steel body and face.

The Oven, Nike’s innovative work office permit Nike’s architects to stretch development and innovation as far as possible. In doing as such, their specialists have planned the Linear Center of Gravity Mapping System (CG). This CG framework logically moves the focal point of gravity lower and more profound in each club all through the set. The CG framework has permitted Nike to all the more precisely position the focal point of gravity contrasted with the past VR Full Cavity Irons and thusly have upgraded the ball flight and direction.

On the off chance that you are new to the game or are searching for a lot of These may be helpful for mid handicappers   golf presses that will improve your game by motivating certainty through consistency then the new Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons are the clubs for you.

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